Technology @ Roxburgh College

BYOD Policy

Depending on the year level students can bring a range of devices to school and be connected to our network for internet access and printing.

Middle School – Year 7-9

Students in Year 7 to 9 are able to bring any iPad they wish to school and have it connected to our network. Students will need to ensure that they have a cover on the iPad. We would recommend that students bring an iPad Air 2 32GB device. We do not suggest that students bring the iPad Pro 12 Inch, is they are too big and risk damage to their screen.

Senior School

Students in Years 10-12 are able to bring either an iPad, Mac or PC (Windows Based) to school and have it connected to our network. Students can download all the programs that they need, from the Edustar Catalogue free of charge.

Attached to this page is the Acceptable Use Policy


Compass the Roxburgh College school management/communication program. It plays a vital role in communication between the college, its students and the parent/carer community.

All users staff , students and parents/carers have a unique login to the system which can be accessed through the Roxburgh Website or the Compass App.

Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or at

A user guide can be found here.

The college recommends the parents/carers log on to the system at least once per week to ensure that they are up to date with community events, news, school directives and other details.

Students and Parents have their own login details. Parents should never give their username or passwords to their students.